Never Forget Slavery Was Real

Shafi Cares Inc. is a non profit 501(c) 3 organization that provides a voice for the voiceless. We speak for those who can’t speak for themselves. Sharif Shafi is the founder and is an advocate, educator, demonstrator and proponent of revisiting the effects of slavery and Modern Day Slavery.

Shafi Cares In. travels throughout the United States and abroad, educating the descendants of slaves on the miseducation of history and the potential of Reparations.

Please donate and support Shafi Cares Inc.’s mission of injustice and reparations. We are seeking to file cases in the International Court and the United Nations for 465 years of abuse, torture and mental cruelty and genocide towards the Africans and African descendants.

Who is Sharif Shafi, The Founder?

Get to know me with few quick details:

  • Attended West VA State College
  • Majored in Criminal Justice
  • Played football and tried out for the NFL but didn’t make it
  • Became a NFL Combine Coach for 5 years
  • Worked in the Department of Behavioral Health for 22 years
  • Did specialty work with Forensic Psychology Consumers
  • Freedom Fighters of the DMV Freelance Independent Radio Host with WBGR Radio | Average audience of 1.75 million viewers and listeners
  • High School Football, Basketball and Wrestling Coach

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